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Kazakhstan has renamed its capital to Nur-Sultan

Mar 312019

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, was renamed earlier this month to Nur-Sultan, to honour former president Nursultan Nazarbayev, who had been president for nearly 29 years until he suddenly resigned. Nazarbayev was the first president of Kazakhstan - having been in the position since Kazakhstan declared independence in the dissolusion of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

Acting president  Kassym-Jomart Tokayev proposed the name change shortly after being sworn in, and it passed easily through parliament.

If you're a bit rusty on where Kazakhstan is, refresh your knowledge with this Central Asia countries quiz, and then move on to the Central Asia capital cities quiz.  These quizzes are each just 5 questions long and are great for trying to keep the "stans" straight. A lot of people have trouble locating Kazakhstan,  Kyrgyzstan,   Ashgabat, Tajikistan,Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. 

Click on the map to try the Central Asia capital cities quiz:
map of Asia with central Asia highlighted

A new Africa water quiz - customizable and more questions available

Mar 192019

Just a quick update to let you know there's a new quiz about bodies of water in and around Africa.  

The new quiz is customizable - so you can pick the questions, change the title and description, force it into a particular mode, such as strict test mode, etc.

The old quiz asked about rivers and lakes. The new quiz adds in 8 more questions:

  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Strait of Gibraltar
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Red Sea
  • Gulf of Aden
  • Indian Ocean
  • Mozambique Channel
  • Gulf of Guinea


Are you ready to give it a try?

More details added to your quiz results!

Mar 152019

I'm excited to announce a new feature for Teacher Plus accounts and all of your students! When you review your past quiz results, you will now have question-specific results on how you did. 

Until now, students only had access to their best quiz scores in each test mode (practice, test and strict), as well as their most recent quiz result.  But now, students of Teacher Plus accounts can look back and see how they did on a quiz... which questions they scored 3 points, 2 points, 1 point or no point for.  This will give you a better idea what you need to keep studying.

Here's a screenshot of the details for a strict test. You can sort by Question or by Points earned.




Teachers with Teacher Plus accounts now also have the details. You've already had the scores on each and every quiz for each of your students, but now you can see what questions were missed.

For a demonstration of what this looks like, check out this youtube video - Part 1 The teacher's view of the quiz details:

 and Part 2 The student's view of the quiz details.


You can also take a look at our Student Scores Details demo screen.

Note that the data is only for the most popular quizzes - you won't see the details on some of the more obscure quizzes, but if your class is using a quiz that doesn't display details, just email us and we'll add it to the display.


New quiz! World deserts

Mar 042019

We've got a new quiz for you: World Deserts. The quiz asks you to click on the map to identify 30 of the world's largest deserts, so it can be a bit challenging.

But it's customizable! So you can pick from the pool of questions to ask just the ones you want. And, as like all customizable quizzes, you can force the mode (to test, strict and super strict) to make the quiz extra challenging.

Take a look at this sample quiz, The 15 largest deserts in the world.  

 Or perhaps  you would like to try the full 30 question quiz?  Good luck! 

Burundi has declared a new capital

Jan 032019

Burundi, a small nation in central east Africa, has declared a new capital city.

It was a promise made in March 2007, finally fulfilled. The Burundian government has officially declared the small town of Gitega to be its new capital city. The announcement was made over the Dec 22/23 2018 weekend, and Gitega became the capital on Dec 24.

How small is Gitega? The population of Bujumbura, the previous capital city (which will continue to be the country's economic centre), is approx. 331,700 (2018 figure). Gitega's population is 23,167 (2018 est.) 

Location of Burundi in central east Africa is shown on this map:

map of Africa, partially labeled to show countries around Burundi

 For the next few months (maybe longer), the African capital cities quiz will ask you, "Where is Gitega (previously Bujumbura)?", so if you have memorized Bujumbura, you'll still be able to ace the quiz.  




Frequently requested, finally available! US state flags

Dec 032018

One of the most frequently requested quizzes is the flags of the United States.  But no one ever specified if they wanted it as just the flags alone (in the Flags section), or the Geography section type where you click on the map to answer.  So, I did both.

If you want to practice just the flags, without having to also know where the state is on a map, head for the Flags of the US quiz in the Flags section.

If you want more of a challenge, try the Geography section United States: Flags quiz where you have to answer by clicking on the map of the US.

Some of them aren't too hard because they have the name of the state right on the map!  You know, like this:


If only they were all that easy!