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Forcing a quiz into Test mode - new option for customized quizzes

Aug 122018

Customizing a quiz gives you the option of selecting whether a quiz is forced into Strict Test mode (with the other modes completely turned off). This is a great feature for testing your students - they don't get hints (like "No, that's France") and they can't click a button to see the labeled map. They also can't switch the mode, or misunderstand in what mode you wanted them to take the test.

At the request of a teacher, we now offer another option: to force the quiz into Test mode.  Test mode is similar to Strict Test mode, except in Test mode, you still get three tries to answer - but still, no help or hints. This is a good testing option for younger students, beginners, or to prepare for the Strict test at a later date.

Forcing a quiz into test mode or strict test mode is done on the quiz customization screen. The following screenshot of customizing the US state capitals quiz shows, circled in red, where you would select the quiz mode you want. 

Note: Forcing a quiz into test mode or strict test mode is only available to premium users (those with a Teacher Plus account or an Individual supporter account)

 Screenshot of the quiz customization screen showing where you select a mode to force Screenshot of the quiz customization screen showing where you select a mode to force

For comparison of the options, have a look at these 3 US state capital quizzes that have been customized with different mode options:

If you come across a quiz that has a forced mode, you can see what mode it is in, as in the following screenshot. The Quiz mode below the buttons shows that it is test mode. If you hold your mouse over (or tap on) the question mark icon, you will see an explanation of test mode.

 Example screenshot of a forced quiz with the mode displayed Example screenshot of a forced quiz with the mode displayed

All quizzes that are customizable (found on this listing) have the new option to force the quiz into Test mode.  Happy testing!

Water quizzes - new stuff!

Aug 082018

We've recently enhanced some of the water quizzes to give you more water features to be tested on, as well as more water quizzes that are customizable.

On the World Water quiz, we've added 10 new water features:

  • the Southern Ocean, Weddell Sea, Gulf of Carpentaria, Great Australian Bight and the Coral Sea can be answered on the world map
  • the Panama Canal and the Great Salt Lake can be answered on the North America map
  • the Strait of Magellan can be answered on the South America map
  • the Suez Gulf and the Gulf of Aqaba can be answered on the Middle East map

That means there are now 225 water features on the World Water quiz... but this quiz can be customized to pick just the features you want to be tested on. The World Water quiz can currently be customized by anyone with a free account, but come September 1, 2018, you will need to have a premium account to customize this quiz.

 Screenshot of a quiz with world map showing Weddell Sea Screenshot of the quiz showing the Weddell Sea, one of the recently added water features

There's a new and improved version of the North America water quiz  which has the Great Salt Lake and the Panama Canal, along with many rivers in Canada and the US.   And it can be customized.

The South America rivers and lakes quiz  includes the Strait of Magellan, and is now customizable

The Middle East water quiz can now be customized, and the 2 new water features (Suez Gulf and Gulf of Aqaba) that were added to the world water quiz have also been added here. 



Blank maps to print and fill in

Jul 272018

A frequently requested site feature is the availability of blank maps (and answer keys) for teachers and students to print and fill in manually. Not everyone learns the same way, so the printed blank maps will give you another way to practice your geography. 

To start you off, we've added printable maps for the countries in  Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America,  as well as US states and Canadian provinces and territories.  

There are 4 types of maps you can use:

  •  Blank outline map: A basic map with just the outlines of the countries (or regions/states/provinces). Students can write the names on the map.
  •  Labeled outline map: The basic outline map  with the answers placed on the map. This map can be used to study from, or to check the answers on a completed outline map
  • Numbered outline map: The basic outline map with every location numbered. Beside or below the map is an area to write the place names associated with each number.
  • Numbered labeled outline map: The numbered outline map with the answers beside the numbers. This map can be used to study from, or to check the answers on a completed outline map.

Here's a sample numbered map of Africa with slots to fill in your answers.  Click on the image to download and print the PDF file.


Please visit our printable maps page to access the rest of the blank maps.

Easier learning for the places in the UK

Mar 142018

If you're trying to learn UK major cities or the counties of England, it just got a bit easier. With a premium account, you can now customize these quizzes to include just the questions you are trying to learn.  

To customize these quizzes, sign in with your premium account, and head to the Create your own Custom Quiz page.

As an example, I set up an England: West and East Midlands quiz.  Now you can go ahead and create your own quizzes for whatever county groupings you wish to study. Learning is always easier when you break it down into smaller chunks.



If you aren't familiar with custom quizzes,  you can learn about them in the Custom Quiz FAQ.

To customize these quizzes, you need a Teacher Plus account or any of our Individual support plans.

View and download ALL your students' scores

Nov 012017

In July 2017, we launched a trial feature for Teacher Plus accounts: the ability to view all your students' scores (not just the best and most recent scores). The feedback from teachers has been extremely positive, and the extra data on our servers hasn't caused any issues, so we're happy to report that we will continue to offer this feature.

Here is an example of the old-style summary information you would get. You can see that the student has done the Central Africa: countries quiz 4 times, and you can see his best score for each mode (practice, test, and strict). You can also see the date and score of the last time he completed a quiz, which was in strict mode. But you can only see 3 scores, and that he tried 4 times. 

student scores summarySample summary result for a quiz


With the new Student scores details feature, you get the results of every quiz your student completes.  With the new details, you can clearly see that the student has done the quiz once in each of practice and test mode, and twice in strict mode. You also get the exact score (not just the percentage), and the date and time each quiz was completed. 


 student scores detailsSample detail result for a quiz



You can also filter your results by class, quiz, test mode, and date range.

 filter results by class, quiz, test mode and date The options to filter your results


You can also download the scores to a CSV file.

Please visit the demo of how these features work if you would like to play around with the filter and the download.