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What does China want?

Feb 292016

Territorial disputes are an inevitable aspect of political geography.  One of the most contentious regions in the world is the South China Sea.  We've been researching a blog for this on and off for a few months, but recently we found a succint videographic by The Economist that actually makes it understandable.  The islands and atolls may seem insignificant at first blush - but not when you consider that they are located amidst potentially rich oil and gas sea reserves, in one of the business sea-trade routes in the world.    


Clare Chevalier13 December, 2016I could be wrong but I don't think it is about oil. I think it is about respect. The Chinese gov't was even involved in a local dispute over a mural. We were, interestingly enough, hosting a student from Taiwan at the time. Here is a link to the story. On a completely different subject, it would be great if you did a clickable quiz (or quizzes) quizae? on stars, constellations, and M objects. Thanks!
Lizardpoint Quizzes14 December, 2016Thanks for the comment Clare. And for the interesting article in your link. Certainly the rationale behind the 'One China' policy (and behind dissenting views) are complex and run deeply. We often find it a challenging line to walk at Lizard Point as we try to represent the reality of world (political) geography. On your other point regarding astronomical quizzes, we have heard this before and it's on our consideration list. Hoping you stay tuned....

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