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How's your Asia bodies of water knowledge?

Feb 032016

We've just launched a new 30-question quiz on Asia bodies of water.  Seeing as the South China Sea dispute has been in the news so much lately, it is good to know where it is, if you don't already know. That will get you one point - can you get the other 29?

screenshot of the Asia bodies of water quiz


Terry abate17 February, 2016Greece and Finland are part of eastern europe
Lizard Point Quizzes17 February, 2016Thanks for the post Terry. Are you referring to the countries in ? As far as we know, there is no definitive seperation of countries into West and East. There are several conventions out there (see Wikipedia). Originally we had only a Europe quiz - but a teacher asked us to break it down to make it match a course syllabus. Of course, since we have added custom quizzes - you are able to adjust the countries in each map as you like

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