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Upcoming change to Oceania quizzes: Easter Island

Sep 092020

If you or your students are currently studying/testing on the islands in Oceania, you may want to be aware of two changes to be launched on Monday September 21, affecting the Oceania quizzes:

First, the map will be changing. This is the current version, where Pictairn Islands is a location off the map, indicated by an arrow:


In the new version, the map extends further east so that both Pitcairn Islands, and Easter Island are shown:


In the basic version of the quiz that asks only about the 14 countries, the questions will not be changing, nor will where you click to answer. You will just see a slightly different map. 

The second change, which you may have guessed already, is that Easter Island, which is a special territory of Chile,  will be an available option to add to a customized quiz.  But if you take a customized quiz that asks about some of the other islands, you may have to familiarize yourself with a different click spot to answer Where are the Pitcairn Islands?

And if you customize a quiz, you’ll be able to add Easter Island to the questions. If you’re taking quizzes created by someone else, you might see Easter Island asked about in the near future.


To summarize, you will see the following changes:

Oceania countries will have a new map, but the 14 questions on the countries will not change.

Oceania Islands, a non-customizable quiz, will have the new map and a new Easter Island question.

Oceania countries - text input quiz - will have the new map, but the 14 questions on the countries will not change. The original version of Oceania countries - text input quiz which contains all countries and islands,, will pick up the new Easter Island question.

 Any customizable quiz based on  or based on the text input quiz will have a new map, and  MAY have a new question, depending on whether the quiz owner decides to add Easter Island to the questions.