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Water quizzes - new stuff!

Aug 082018

We've recently enhanced some of the water quizzes to give you more water features to be tested on, as well as more water quizzes that are customizable.

On the World Water quiz, we've added 10 new water features:

  • the Southern Ocean, Weddell Sea, Gulf of Carpentaria, Great Australian Bight and the Coral Sea can be answered on the world map
  • the Panama Canal and the Great Salt Lake can be answered on the North America map
  • the Strait of Magellan can be answered on the South America map
  • the Suez Gulf and the Gulf of Aqaba can be answered on the Middle East map

That means there are now 225 water features on the World Water quiz... but this quiz can be customized to pick just the features you want to be tested on. The World Water quiz can currently be customized by anyone with a free account, but come September 1, 2018, you will need to have a premium account to customize this quiz.

 Screenshot of a quiz with world map showing Weddell Sea Screenshot of the quiz showing the Weddell Sea, one of the recently added water features

There's a new and improved version of the North America water quiz  which has the Great Salt Lake and the Panama Canal, along with many rivers in Canada and the US.   And it can be customized.

The South America rivers and lakes quiz  includes the Strait of Magellan, and is now customizable

The Middle East water quiz can now be customized, and the 2 new water features (Suez Gulf and Gulf of Aqaba) that were added to the world water quiz have also been added here.