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Why geography is the best subject to study in college

Oct 162015

We noticed an article in our feed a few months ago and thought that our readers would appreciate it. We presume you already know that geography is incredibly interesting. It's a discipline that actually makes you think outside of your own environment and relate other places, peoples and cultures. You can't really be passionate about geopgraphy without being an open-minded thinker with an 'inner-eye' that's forever looking at the horizon.


The article is from the UK and takes a slightly tongue in cheek look at the reasons that you might want to explore this subject in college and into your career. But, underlying their "10 reasons why geography is far and away the best subject to study at university", is a really important point...

Geographers are quite employable. We've highlighted elsewhere the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that project a 29% increase in this occupation. Here's another study in the UK of a recent graduating class, that shows that geography majors have one of the lowest unemployment rates of all discipines. This is attributed to a few reasons;

  • Studying geography provides graduates with a mix of skills employers want to see.
  • Geography students tend to have a more flexible career path than other subjects with higher unemployment statistics.
  • Geography graduates flexibility opens up possibilities in industries with increasing numbers of vacancies.

Okay, now lets look at a few of the lighter reasons that you will want to study geography in college according to Huffington Post, UK:

  1. No-one really knows what you study
  2. You get to go on loads of field trips
  3. You have the life of an arts student
  4. Geographers are the most fun
  5. You get to do a bit of everything
  6. You're not geologists
  7. Your dissertation can actually be interesting
  8. Because you've always wanted to be a geography teacher
  9. Everyone loves volcanoes
  10. Because everyone loves colouring in

By all means, take a look at the article to see if you agree with the thinking behind these advantages. (But keep the 'very employable' thing in mind too!)