Teacher Plans

There are two types of Teacher plans: Teacher Basic and Teacher Plus. Have a look at our feature comparison chart to see the differences between the Teacher Basic and the Teacher Plus accounts.

Supporting students' learning has always been important to us. Our services have been covered by ad revenue, individual supporter accounts, and donations. Lately, more and more people and institutions have been making use of Ad Blockers, which has impacted our resources, and our ability to continue enhancing the site. As about 70% of our time has been dedicated to providing content and functionality that is used by classrooms, we feel the best way to bring you new quizzes and features is to ask teachers to pay a small annual charge for the use of the enhancements. We are still offering loads of free content for everyone.

Teacher Plans: Feature Comparison Chart

Teacher BasicTeacher Plus
Free$24.95 per year
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Student Accounts
(40 students per class)up to 5 classesup to 8 classes
Self-serve Teacher dashboard:
Add students
Add classes
Reset classes
Delete classes
Set class password
Set class threshold
Add student aliases question mark icon Assign names to the student accounts that display when you view class results
Access to student results question mark icon Teacher Basic accounts can see which quizzes a student has completed, but not the scores.limited
Create custom quizzes:
Your studentslimited
Custom quiz force mode question mark icon Force a quiz into test mode or strict test mode
Class Blackboard
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Earn free months with referral bonuses
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Get monthly stats by email
Priority support
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