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Help: Student Sign In

Students sign in using the same sign-in page that teachers and everyone else use. The link to the sign in page is found on the navigation menu on every page, "Sign in/register", just to the right of the grey tabs.
screenshot of link to the sign in page

Sign in screen

On the sign in screen, the students type in the user name you assigned them (if they are using generated accounts that you created), and the class password you set up. On the screenshot below, student s.jsGeo01 is a student in class s.jsGeo.

screenshot of sign in form

Look out for the following common errors

If you set up a class with class name of MsJones, for example, with 20 students, then the student names will be generated as s.MsJones01, s.MsJones02, s.MsJones03... s.MsJones20. The most common mistakes when students try to sign in are:

One more thing you and your students should know: