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Teacher Quick Start Guide

Note:This Quick Start Guide describes the process of setting up students with generated accounts. Students can also have their own accounts, and be part of a class. Documentation for student-owned accounts is in progress.

Step 1: Sign up for a free Teacher Basic account

The first step in getting accounts for your students is to create your own teacher account. Make sure to check the box that says 'Teacher account' and fill in the name of your school. You will then need to activate the account using the email we send you.

Step 2: Activate your account

Activate your account using the email we send you. You might need to look in your spam or junk folder to find the email.

Step 3: Set up your classes

Sign into your account and go to your Teacher Dashboard. Any changes you wish to make to your classes are done from your Teacher Dashboard. To get there, sign into your account, and click on 'My Account' on the navigation bar. You'll see 'Teacher Dashboard' near the end of the list. From there, go to the Add New Class screen.

screenshot of navigation to Teacher Dashboard

Step 4: Hand out the usernames and password to your students

Your students sign in with the user names that were generated for you... something like s.SmithGeo101. Just hand out a user name and password to each student, and have them sign in using the Sign in page.

After you've determined which students have been given which user names, you can record them on the Update Student Aliases screen. This is optional. Note: Effective Aug 23, 2016, this option is only available to Teacher Plus accounts.

From the Teacher Dashboard, go to Update student aliases, select a class (if you have more than one), then just type in the names, and submit!
screenshot of Update Student Alias screen

Student aliases are seen on the View student scores and results screen. They help you identify your students. A sample screenshot:

screenshot of my class results showing student aliases

View your students' results

You can view your students' results on the View student scores and results screen. You can also click on any student's record to see his stamps and scores. Note: Effective Aug 23, 2016, viewing student scores and stamps is only available to Teacher Plus accounts.

Account maintenance

You can read the help documentation for the types of changes you can make in your class accounts: