Why use Lizard Point for your class?

Get your kids on lizardpoint.com. I give all the pupils log-ins and can track how well they've done on the tests. They LOVE it.

Jonathan Porter
Head of Humanities at Michaela Community School
London, UK

I am absolutely loving using your quizzes in my geography class this semester, and the students are loving it too! They can practice all they want throughout the week, and come Tuesday (which is our quiz day) they know exactly what to expect. I love how easy it makes the grading for me, as well as the great quality information and maps that you provide.

Randa Hendricks
Eastern Mennonite School
Harrisonburg, VA

The ability to get immediate feedback was very valuable. The chance to practice before the "test" really motivated students to try multiple times and reduced anxiety about being tested.

Some quotes from my students:

  • That was so easy!
  • That wasn't a test. It was more like a game!
  • Can I try again?

Carol Miron
Don Mills Collegiate Institute
Toronto, Canada

Lizardpoint would have been a God-send if I had it in college.

Mrs. C
AP Human Geography teacher

  • Over 200 quizzes featuring clickable maps from all over the world. Featuring study guides, hints, show me help, definitions, and several learning modes. video
  • Over 50,000 registered students worldwide. Ideal for students under age 13 or those without email addresses.
  • The Personalized Quiz Tracker (watch video, 2:46) video lets students see and organize their best scores. Merit badges (stamps) are earned for achievements.
  • Teacher accounts provide support for student quiz results and stamps. Share quizzes and assignments with your students using your virtual Blackboard. Receive monthly activity reports by email.
  • Custom quizzes (watch video, 5:44) video are available to suit specific classroom needs
  • Study mode (watch video, 0:47) video provides deeper information on population, cities, languages, exports and more
  • More than just geography. Students can learn about current and historical leaders, math, art and flags.

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