Privacy Policy

Lizard Point Quizzes takes online privacy seriously. Please read the following to understand what information is collected and how it is used.

Pages on this website use Google Analytics to track demographic information (such as the visitor's country), technology information (such as browser and operating system), and pages visited. This information is only shown to Lizard Point Quizzes in aggregate form. Lizard Point does not see an individual's information or activity while visiting this site.

If you register for an account on Lizard Point, you will be asked for a user name and email address. You may receive a one-time welcome email from us which introduces you to the features of your account and where to look for help. This welcome email is currently only sent to Teacher accounts. Your mail address and user name are otherwise used to maintain your access to your account, to facilitate signing in and retrieving a lost password/resetting a password. The email address, with your permission, will be used to notify you of new quizzes and site features. Your email address will not be shared with third parties. If you sign in to your account, the quizzes you complete are recorded in order that we can provide you with the Personalized Quiz Tracker service. Your IP address is recorded with each sign in, and with each quiz that is completed, and is only used by us to maintain site integrity and security. Your educational data is retained only for your own educational purposes, and is shared with your teacher if you have a student account. We may review the data to ensure site integrity or to understand usage patterns that help us evolve our site services.

Special note. We also provide users the ability to sign in to their preexisting Lizard Point account with their Google credentials. In this case, we will access your Google account email address and use it to verify your account. This saves having to remember and type your Lizard Point password. Be aware, however, that you still need to sign out from Lizard Point - simply signing out of Google will not end your session.

If you create custom quizzes on Lizard Point, your user name will be displayed on a publicly accessible page as the creator of that quiz. There may be other functions in the future in which your user name could be displayed, such as competition rankings. If you have privacy concerns, we recommend that you do not use your real name or identifying information as your user name.

If you do not register for an account, we do not ask you for any personal information such as your name or email address. If you share that information with us by sending an email, rest assured that the information will not be used for anything except to reply to you.

If you make a donation or payment to Lizard Point Quizzes through our payment processor, PayPal, we at Lizard Point do not receive any information about your credit card or banking information. The details of your transaction through PayPal may include your name and address, and this information will only be used by us for tax compliance.

Student Accounts

Lizard Point Quizzes offers special services to educators. Each of these services involves the creation and use of student accounts. Student Accounts are either Generated accounts or Student-owned accounts. Generated accounts are intended for students under 13 years old – or where the educator has special concerns about student privacy.

Generated accounts are intended not to hold any student PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Usernames are generated to be anonymous (e.g. student01, student02 etc…). Furthermore, we do not require email addresses for students using generated student accounts. It is incumbent on the educator to manage and distribute usernames and credentials among students. Special Note: For educator convenience, we allow teachers to add an ‘alias’ field for each student account. This may be used by the teacher to aid in reconciling accounts to students (for instance it may contain a student seating code or a student number). We strongly discourage teachers from using any identifiable information in this field.

Student-owned accounts are registered by the student using their own email addresses. Students may use their own discretion in creating their usernames – but we advise those with privacy concerns not to use their real, full name. After students create their accounts they may voluntarily connect these accounts with a teacher’s class account after agreeing to share their quiz results. Teachers may request students to enter in an alias to aid in reconciling accounts to students. Once again, we strongly discourage use of any identifiable information in this field.

Account deletion

Student accounts that were generated by teachers can be deleted by the teacher. If a parent wishes to delete a child's account, the parent should first contact the teacher to delete the account, so that the teacher has the opportunity to record any student scores that are required for evaluating the student. If the teacher does not delete the account when requested, the parent should email us to request deletion of the account.

All other accounts - those which are created by providing an email address - can be deleted by the user themself, or by sending us an email request from the email address that the account was set up with. We may require other information to verify the validity of the request.

Security of your data

All user data is encrypted in transit via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with a certificate issued by Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA).


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Last updated: August 25, 2019