Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 8, 2021

Lizard Point Quizzes’ mission is to help students of all ages have fun while safely learning about the world we inhabit. We take online privacy seriously. This policy is intended to clearly explain;
  • Definition of terms used in this policy;
  • Whose information we collect;
  • What information we collect;
  • How Lizard Point Quizzes shares information;
  • How we dispose of information;
  • How we safeguard information; and
  • How we will deal with a privacy breach.
  • Our Advertising Policy
  • Use of Cookies

Definition of terms used in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Anyone that uses Lizard Point Quizzes, with or without an account.

Account holders/Registered users Anyone that registers for an account at Lizard Point Quizzes. A user may have one of a number of types of accounts including teacher, student or regular account.

Teacher account A teacher account is specified as belonging to a teacher and has the ability to link to student accounts.

Teacher Basic account A free Teacher Basic account comes with the ability to create classes, link to student accounts, and hais limited features to track students’ activities on the web site.

Teacher Plus account A Teacher Plus account is similar to a Teacher Basic account - with added functionality such as detailed tracking of student quiz scores, the ability to assign work, and an enhanced ability to customize quizzes. These are paid accounts.

Student account Any account that is linked to a Teacher account. There are two types: Mature student accounts, and Child student accounts.

Mature Student account holders These are students who have set up their own accounts using an email address, or may have their account generated for them by the teacher supplying us with a roster. Their account is linked to a teacher’s class. Their information that is visible to their teacher depends on the type of account the teacher has (Basic or Plus). Both the teacher and the student have control over the creation and deletion of these accounts. Mature Student accounts were previously known as "student owned accounts".

Child Student account holders These are students with special privacy needs (often legally prescribed according to age). The student is not asked to provide personally identifiable information, however the teacher may, at his or her discretion, provide partial or full name of the student for the teacher’s view only, in order to facilitate the teacher’s identification of student data. The teacher has control over the creation and deletion of these accounts. Child Student accounts were previously known as "generated accounts".

Regular account holders There are accounts that are neither students nor teachers. Regular accounts can be basic or premium (with extended functionality). The premium accounts are also referred to as Individual Supporter accounts.

Whose information we collect

Generally we collect information from teachers, students and others.

  • Teachers work at a school (or home school) and set-up classes that have students. They may have basic (free) accounts or Plus accounts (that provide more function and detailed student tracking).
  • Students practice on quizzes and are assigned tests by teachers. Mature student accounts are initiated by the student using their own email address. Child student accounts are initiated by the teacher and have no Personally Identifiable Information at Lizard Point Quizzes.
  • Others include both paid and free accounts that are set up with no association to teachers or classes.

What information we collect

Lizard Point Quizzes may be utilized with or without persistent accounts. Users without accounts have no personally identifiable information on the site and no security or privacy exposure.

Information we get automatically when you use the site

When you use the site, with or without an account, we collect and log information about how you use the site, like when you create an account, sign in or out, join a class, complete a quiz, customize a quiz, etc.

When also collect technical information that helps us to improve the service to you. This information includes: your IP address, which may be used to approximate your geolocation or identify your ISP provider; Device information such as operating system and browser version; the referring site, and the date and time of each page request.

Information we collect from account holders

Teacher Accounts

Teacher’s accounts include some elements required to manage classes and quizzes. Specifically:
  • Identity information (name, email, school)
  • Blackboard elements to assign students work (optional)
  • Class names
  • Time zone (optional)
  • Information about their students, by virtue of creating Child Student accounts or inviting Mature Students to link to the teacher’s class

Student Accounts

Lizard Point Quizzes offers special services to educators. Each of these services involves the creation and use of student accounts. Student Accounts are either for Child students or Mature students. Child student accounts are for those students with special privacy needs (often legally prescribed according to age).

Child Student accounts are not intended to hold any Personally Identifiable Information. Usernames are generated to be anonymous (e.g. student01, student02 etc…). Furthermore, we do not collect email addresses for Child students. It is therefore incumbent on the educator to acquire any necessary parental permission, and to manage and distribute usernames and credentials among these students. Special Note: For educator convenience, we allow teachers to add an ‘alias’ field for each student account. This may be used by the teacher to aid in reconciling accounts to students (for instance it may contain a student seating code or a student number). We strongly discourage teachers from using any identifiable information in this field.

Mature Student accounts are registered by the student using their own email addresses, and then linked to a Teacher account. Students may use their own discretion in creating their usernames – but we advise those with privacy concerns not to use their real, full name. After a student creates a regular account, they may voluntarily link this account with a teacher’s class after agreeing to share their information. Teachers may request students to enter in an alias to aid in reconciling accounts to students.

In order to maintain a Mature Student account we do need a certain minimum amount of information about the student. Specifically;

  • Email address: used to reset passwords if required
  • User name: provided by the student (not necessarily a real name).
  • Class name: teacher assigned
  • Quizzes taken and scores: various information about quiz results
  • Site activity: e.g. signin and signout, quiz visits

Regular Accounts

  • Email address: used to reset passwords if required
  • User name: provided by the user (not necessarily a real name).
  • Quizzes taken and scores: various information about quiz results
  • Site activity: e.g. signin and signout, quiz visits

Information we collect from communications

We collect information from messages sent to us directly, such as via email.

Information we collect from third parties

Google Sign-in

When a user signs in to their Lizard Point Quizzes account using Google Sign-in, Google will share with us your email address which we will use to verify your account, in order to sign you in to your Lizard Point Quizzes account.

The use of Google Sign-in saves having to remember and type your Lizard Point Quizzes password. Be aware, however, that if you leave your computer unattended in a public space such as a classroom or library, you still need to sign out from Lizard Point Quizzes AND your Google account in order to prevent someone from signing into your account.

Google Analytics

Pages on this website use Google Analytics to track demographic information (such as the visitor's country), technology information (such as browser and operating system), and pages visited. User identification is shared with Google Analytics via an anonymized IP address. In turn, Google Analytics provides us with de-identified, agregate information about site usage, such as pages visited, city and country of origin, and users' device technology. This information is used by Lizard Point Quizzes to help us better understand how users interact with our site.

Information from our payment processor

If you make a donation or payment to Lizard Point Quizzes through our payment processor, PayPal, we at Lizard Point Quizzes do not receive any information about your credit card or banking information. We collect the state and country of the payment, the email address of the payer, amount paid and product purchased, in order to maintain accounting records and to comply with tax regulations. The details of your transaction through PayPal may include your name and address. We have access to this information on paypal, but we do not collect and store it ourselves.

How Lizard Point Quizzes shares information

User information that is publicly visible on the website

If you create custom quizzes on Lizard Point Quizzes, your user name will be displayed on a publicly accessible page as the creator of that quiz. There may be other functions in the future in which your user name could be displayed, such as competition rankings. If you have privacy concerns, we recommend that you do not use your real name or identifying information as your user name.

Testimonials are shared on the website with permission.

Class Blackboards are publicly visible, to anyone who has been given the link or knows the class name used on the site.

User information that is shared with a Teacher

Student account information is shared with the Teacher the student is linked to.

In limited circumstances, for example when a Teacher leaves a school or is on leave, we may transfer a class to a different teacher if we receive a properly authorized request from the school.

If a student removes himself from a class or deletes his account before the teacher has captured the information for student evaluation, the information can still be shared with the teacher at the teacher's request.

User information that is shared with others

Information may be shared to respond to legal and other requests and to prevent harm. We will share information if we have a good-faith belief that disclosure of the information is reasonably necessary to:

  • Respond to or meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or other enforceable government request
  • Enforce our terms of service, including investigation of potential violations
  • Detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues
  • Comply with tax laws such as financial audits
  • Comply with privacy laws and education laws such as FERPA.
  • We may disclose or transfer your account information in connection with the sale, merger, bankruptcy, sale of assets or reorganization of our company.

    Note that we do not sell email addresses or other information to third parties.

    Lizard Point Quizzes and FERPA

    Data collected by Lizard Point Quizzes may include personally identifiable information from education records that are subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, “FERPA”, ("FERPA Records"). To the extent that Student Data includes FERPA Records, you designate Lizard Point Quizzes as a "School Official" (as that term is used in FERPA and its implementing regulations) under the direct control of the school with regard to the use and maintenance of the FERPA Records.

    How we dispose of information

    All student accounts (Mature and Child) that are linked to a class can be deleted by the teacher at any time (typically end of term). Mature student accounts can be deleted or removed from a class (by either the linked Teacher, or by the student account holder). When an account is removed from a class, it turns the account into a Regular account that the student can use independently.

    If a parent wishes to delete a child's account, the parent should first contact the teacher to delete the account, so that the teacher has the opportunity to record any student scores that are required for evaluating the student. If the teacher does not delete the account when requested, the parent may email us to request deletion of the account.

    All other accounts - those not linked to a class - can be deleted by the user themself, or by sending us an email request from the email address that the account was set up with. We may require other information to verify the validity of the request.

    Information pertaining to account holders that set up their own accounts will be automatically deleted after a period of inactivity (about 1 year plus a 2 week warning with an opportunity for the user to sign in to keep the account active). Similarly, Teacher Basic accounts will be automatically deleted after a period of inactivity (about 13 months plus a 2 week warning). Teacher Plus accounts still have time remaining on their paid services, and thus are not deleted until the service period for the payment has expired, and the account is converted to Teacher Basic. When a teacher's account is deleted, all linked student accounts will also be deleted.

    How we safeguard information

    Even though Lizard Point Quizzes does not maintain extremely sensitive information such as financial or health records, we do have student emails and quiz results, and we do our utmost to ensure that these remain properly protected. Without disclosing specific, detailed security measures we can assure teachers, students and educational agencies that we do follow these best practices;

    • We use reputable, secure, modern, market leading website and separate backup hosts (Hosting Services, Inc. (HSI) DBA Westhost , and Amazon Web Services (AWS), both of which store data on servers located in USA)
    • Transmission of data using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
    • Web Application firewall
    • Two-factor Authentication for admin access
    • Malware removal
    • DDoS protection
    • sFTP (Secure file transfer)
    • Automatic intrusion alerts sent realtime to administrators
    • Security based on NIST security framework (version 1).
    • Privacy Policy

    How we will deal with a privacy breach

    Despite our security practices and best efforts, we acknowledge that no website can be 100% guaranteed never to be breached. Lizard Point Quizzes routinely rejects hundreds of penetration attempts every day. In light of this reality, we have developed the following protocols to deal with a discovered breach:

    1. Investigation - We will analyze audit and technical logs to determine the extent of the breach. We will focus on breadth and depth of the breach. In other words how many accounts have been breached and to what extent. Generally breaches will likely be either single accounts that have been compromised (e.g. login credentials guessed or observed), or a system-wide breach.
    2. Secure the breach. This would mean closing down any further access to data until the breach is repaired and account holders notified. This could range from a single account to all accounts. In the case of a broad system-wide breach we could leave up the public access to the site, so as not to overly affect students.
    3. Repair the breach. In the case of a single account breach this will likely involve changing the account credentials to a temporary token and notifying the account holder to change them as soon as possible. A similar process would take place for a widespread breach, though it would likely take longer to assess and notify clients.
    4. Inform users of the breach. All affected teachers and applicable LEAs would be notified. We would do our utmost to relay the dates/times of the breach, any data affected and source IPs of the breach.


    No third-party advertisements* are made to Premium Regular account holders, Teacher Plus account holders or their students when signed in to their account. (For Teachers, this applies to Teacher Plus accounts purchased on or after June 27, 2021).

    For other accounts, some pages contain third party advertisements. All pages on Lizard Point Quizzes are tagged for “Child-directed treatment”. This means that interest based or remarketing ads are not allowed. The ads you see are not based on your activity on Lizard Point Quizzes or other sites you visit. The ads may be based on your geographic location. This is done to facilitate compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) for children under the age of 13, but we have applied it to all users.

    *The blog section is an exception: third-party ads may be shown on the blog regardless of payment status or type of account. These ads are non-tracking.


    In order to facilitate the user experience we use browser cookies and other technologies that function similarly to cookies. For instance, we may also use web beacons, and similar technologies. We may also use local storage, which allows data to be stored locally on your browser or device and includes HTML5 local storage and browser cache.

    These cookies are necessary for our services to function properly and to help identify and prevent security risks. We may also use these cookies to remember your settings and preferences.