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To answer a question, click on the map you want from the map menu. If you use the world map with magnifying glasses, you can either answer right on that map, or use one of the magnifying glasses to get to an enlarged region map.

At any time, if you realize you are on the wrong map, you may return to the map menu to pick the correct continent or region. This is just navigation; it does not count as a guess.

You can return to the world map by one of 2 ways:

  1. the map menu icon in the top right corner of each continent or region map
  2. the "map menu" button - the last button in the row of buttons below the question box

Labeled map: If you need to see a labeld map, you will have to do it from the enlarged map view. There is no labeled map for the whole world.

Show me: The show me button will always take you to a regional map (To decide when it was possible to show it on the world map was going to be too difficult to program)

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This quiz was made specifically for the annual testing requirements of Mendham Township Middle School. Feel free to use this quiz, but please do not ask for any changes.

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