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Help: Types of student accounts

There are two types of student accounts:

Read the following to decide which type is best for you and your class. You can use both types, if it suits your needs.

Child Student accounts / under 13 years old

When you request a class and specify the number of students in the class, or when you add students to a class, we generate the student usernames for you to hand out to your students.

For example, if you request class "Smith_Pd4" with 20 students, we generate student usernames of s.Smith_Pd401, s.Smith_Pd402, etc.

Child Student accounts have these advantages:

Any teacher can set up Child Student accounts: the students do not need to be under 13. A Child Student account can also be created by a Parent if the parent signs up for a Teacher account - just put "home" when asked for the school name.

Mature Student accounts

If your students are 13 or over, and have their own email addresses (that can send and receive email outside of the school's network), you may wish to have the students set up their own accounts.

When a student has his own account:

Reasons to use a mix of both types?

Generally, a class would use either the numbered Child Student accounts or the Mature Student accounts but there might be times when you want to have some of your students using their own accounts while others use Child Student accounts: The teacher's view of the students' results is exactly the same, regardless of whether the students are using Child Student accounts or Mature Student accounts, provided that the students who signed up with their own email addresses have taken the step to join a class.