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At Lizard Point Quizzes, we have hundreds of quizzes and activities to help you learn. Please consider supporting us in this goal.

The revenue we receive from displaying ads helps us pay for hosting, maintenance and developing new quizzes and features. But we'd prefer not to have to show ads to teachers and students (of all ages). We'll always have a 'free' web site - but here's what we are offering to our supporters :

  • an ad-free experience, whenever/wherever you are signed in (blog excluded);
  • priority support;
  • enhanced personal quiz tracking;
  • ability to customize any of the customizable quizzes; and
  • a warm, fuzzy feeling from supporting better geography knowledge around the world.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at, or check out our Supporter Frequently Asked Questions.

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Supporter plans, in conjunction with your free Lizard Point account, give you the supporter benefits listed above.
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Donations do not require an account on Lizard Point, but please note that donors do not receive any of the benefits (such as an ad-free experience) that 'supporters' receive.

How your contribution helps

photo of Lyndsey hard at work Lizard Point Quizzes is a small, family enterprise: just me (Lyndsey), my husband (Bill), and our son (Geoff).

I started Lizard Point to help my two kids learn geography over 20 years ago! But as others discovered it and requested more and more quizzes, it grew! And since we implemented the Personal Quiz Tracker and teacher classroom accounts, it's really, really exploded with thousands of registered users.

We love doing this work and hearing from Lizard Point fans. We want to continue to add quizzes and useful features and well as maintain the site. We've even branched into other educational areas (flags, leaders, art, math so far). But we can only grow and improve as fast as our funds (and time) allow. So your support is important.


From myself, my family and the thousands of other Lizard Point learners, thank you for helping make Lizard Point Quizzes better through your support, feedback and encouragement.

All the best, Lyndsey McCollam