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World: continents and oceansWorldWorld continents and oceans
PWorld countriesWorldWorld countries
1city iconPWorld capital citiesWorldWorld capital cities
1physical features quizPWorld mountain rangesWorldWorld mountain ranges
1physical features quiz World bodies of waterWorldChoose from over 200 oceans,seas,rivers,lakes etc.
Africa: countriesAfricaThe countries in Africa
1city iconPAfrica: capital citiesAfricaCapital cities of African countries
Americas: countriesThe AmericasThe countries in the Americas
1city iconPAmericas: capital citiesThe AmericasCapital cities of the Americas countries
Mexico: federal statesThe AmericasMexico federal states
1physical features quizPMexico: Physical featuresThe AmericasMexico physical features and bodies of water around Mexico
PUSA: statesThe AmericasUSA states
1city iconPUSA: state capitalsThe AmericasUSA state capitals
2water iconCanada: bodies of waterThe AmericasCanada bodies of water
2water iconPCanada: physical featuresThe AmericasCanada physical features
2water iconPNorth America: bodies of waterThe AmericasNorth America: bodies of water
2water iconPUSA: bodies of waterThe AmericasUSA: bodies of water
Asia: countriesAsiaThe countries in Asia (excluding Western Asia/Middle East)
1city iconPAsia: capital citiesAsiaCapital cities in Asia (excluding Western Asia/Middle East)
1city iconPEastern Asia: major citiesAsiaMajor cities in Eastern Asia
Western and Central Asia: countriesAsiaThe countries in Western and Central Asia
1city iconPWestern and Central Asia: capital citiesAsia Western and Central Asia capital cities
1water iconPAsia physical featuresAsiaPhysical features and bodies of water in Asia (excluding Western Asia)
Russia: federal subjectsEurope/AsiaRussian oblasts, krais, republics, etc.
Oceania: countriesAustralia/OceaniaThe countries in Oceania
Europe: countriesEuropeThe countries in Europe
1city iconPEurope: capital citiesEuropeCapital cities in Europe
1water iconPEurope: bodies of waterEuropeBodies of water (rivers, seas, straits)
1city iconPUK: major citiesEuropeMajor cities in the United Kingdom
PEngland: countiesEuropeCounties in England, UK
PEngland: county town hospitalsEuropeCounty town hospitals in England, UK
Russia: federal subjectsEurope/AsiaRussian oblasts, krais, republics, etc.
PGeography definitionsDefinitionsTerms related to geographic features, maps, climate etc.