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World: continents and oceansWorldWorld continents and oceans
PWorld countriesWorldWorld countries
1physical features quizPWorld mountain rangesWorldWorld mountain ranges
1physical features quiz World bodies of waterWorldChoose from over 200 oceans,seas,rivers,lakes etc.
Africa: countriesAfricaThe countries in Africa
1city iconPAfrica: capital citiesAfricaCapital cities of African countries
Americas: countriesThe AmericasThe countries in the Americas
1city iconPAmericas: capital citiesThe AmericasCapital cities of the Americas countries
Mexico: federal statesThe AmericasMexico federal states
PUSA: statesThe AmericasUSA states
1city iconPUSA: state capitalsThe AmericasUSA state capitals
2water iconCanada: bodies of waterThe AmericasCanada bodies of water
2water iconPNorth America: bodies of waterThe AmericasNorth America: bodies of water
Asia: countriesAsiaThe countries in Asia (excluding Western Asia/Middle East)
1city iconPAsia: capital citiesAsiaCapital cities in Asia (excluding Western Asia/Middle East)
1city iconPEastern Asia: major citiesAsiaMajor cities in Eastern Asia
Western and Central Asia: countriesAsiaThe countries in Western and Central Asia
1city iconPWestern and Central Asia: capital citiesAsia Western and Central Asia capital cities
1water iconPAsia physical featuresAsiaPhysical features and bodies of water in Asia (excluding Western Asia)
Russia: federal subjectsEurope/AsiaRussian oblasts, krais, republics, etc.
Oceania: countriesAustralia/OceaniaThe countries in Oceania
Europe: countriesEuropeThe countries in Europe
1city iconPEurope: capital citiesEuropeCapital cities in Europe
1water iconPEurope: bodies of waterEuropeBodies of water (rivers, seas, straits)
Russia: federal subjectsEurope/AsiaRussian oblasts, krais, republics, etc.
PGeography definitionsDefinitionsTerms related to geographic features, maps, climate etc.